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Maintaining Sunshine Coast Aquariums for over 25 Years

Creating a living reef in your home, office or workplace...

A Living Aquarium's Aquarist Clinton Kiene has been designing, building and maintaining home, business and commercial aquariums on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years. Clinton was formerly employed at Underwater World Mooloolaba for more than 15 years and at Manly Ocean World Sydney, he has extensive experience with tropical, temperate and cold water marine and fresh water aquariums.

Clinton has in depth knowledge knowledge of the huge range animals, plants, corals and invertebrates that can be kept in marine and fresh water aquariums. He is an expert in the prevention and treatment of diseases commonly found in aquarium animals.

A Living Aquarium can source or construct aquarium tanks, aquarium pumps, aquarium filtration, lighting, stands and display cases.

If you have any questions please call  or email  Clinton 0408 100383


Clinton Kiene Assoc. Dip. Aquatic Res. Mgt 

Mobile: 0408 100383

email: clinton@alivingaquarium.com

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